I'm Wei! ( ˊ ᵕ ˋ )❤
a Chinese freelance artist and
merch maker based in Czechia ~
I speak: 中文 | ENG | CZhope you are well and taking care of yourself ❤


24.-26.5.2024AnimefestBrno, CZ70
8.-9.6.2024FanasiaBratislava, SKAA
28.-30.6.2024DokomiDusseldorf, DE4E09
23.-25.8.2024ConCrunchPrague, CZTBA
23.-24.11-2024VIECCWien, ATTBA

✿ zines ✿

2021KNB Otome zinemerch artist@knbotomezine
2021KNY Tankana zinemerch artist@tankanazine
2021KNY Tanjiro zinemerch artist@tanjirozine
2022SK8 Langa zinemerch artist@langazine
2024Hualian AU zinemerch artist@hualianauzine
2024Hua Cheng calendarmerch artist@hc_calendar
2024Bingpup pin adventmerch artist@bingpupbox


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calamitieszine Unfulfilled zinecomplete 🌸calamitieszine GO
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supinthings Essie & Zany pins POproductionSU PO GO


Term of service

🌸 Please provide clear visual references.🌸 All commissions are for personal use unless you have discussed it with me separately. (Contact me for commercial use!)🌸 I strictly do not allow my work to be minted as NFTs or used on any blockchain services.🌸 Do not claim the artwork as your own.🌸 Do not alter/edit my work.🌸 Commissioner is allowed to post the final piece with my watermark.🌸 I have the right to post the artwork on my social media/use it in my portfolio. If you do not wish for me to do so, please tell me in advance.🌸 I have the right to decline a commission request if it's either outside of my skill set or if I find the request uncomfortable for any reason.🌸 An additional fee will be charged for extra details, background, etc. (simple background - solid/gradient color is free)🌸 Commissions must all be paid in full upfront via Paypal/Ko-fi/Wise. Currency is stated in EUR (€) but can be converted to USD ($) upon request.🌸 Major changes are allowed in the sketching process only.🌸 Commission will take from a few weeks to months to complete depending on my work/personal schedule - commissioners will be informed about the timeframe individually.🌸 The final piece will be sent via email as a png. After the final piece is sent any changes or revisions will be charged.🌸 Tips are accepted via Ko-fi or as part of the commission payment.🌸 No refunds are allowed unless I'm unable to complete the commission because of health or any other personal reasons.Please contact me via Twitter/Instagram/email if you are interested in commissioning me! ❤
Twitter: @wei_aviii8
Instagram: @wei.aviii8
Email: [email protected]


✖ I DON'TMecha


Custom charms, stickers etc. are possible too, contact me for details! Different pricing applies for commercial use ❤

COMMISSION TYPEPRICE (one character)+ character
Head icon20€+15€
Half body30€+20€
Full body40€+30€
extra detailsstarting at 10€ 

Full body

Half body

Head icon

Non chibi

COMMISSION TYPEPRICE (one character)+ character
Bust up40€+25€
Half body50€+35€
extra detailsstarting at 10€ 


Hello!I'm Wei, a Chinese freelance artist based in Czechia and I like to make trinkets that bring smiles to people's faces ❣Thank you for visiting! (❁´◡`❁)


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